Remembering Bob

The great Robert Anton Wilson moved onto the next plane of existence on 11 January 2007 (Sweetmorn, Chaos 11, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3173). With the growing chaos in the world, it’s time to remember Bob (it’s always time to remember Bob, really, but just in case people have forgotten to remember Bob).

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Stuck in the past – Islington’s council’s out-dated online payments

I’m useless, I admit it. I rarely manage to remember to pay my council tax at the beginning of the month. I’ve resisted going for direct debit as long as possible because I don’t like handing control of my money over to other people, but I’m going to have to go for it now. Because… I “have lost the right to pay by instalments”.

Yes, I had to be reminded too many times with red-topped letters and now I either pay it all at once (not too bad as we approach the end of the council tax year) or sign up for direct debit. Of course, the council could actually have made it a bit easier to pay.

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Blogging with Pride

I’m in Riga at the moment, as part of the official Amnesty International delegation to join the Riga Pride march. Part of my work, as well as helping to steward the march and do some filming, is to write for the offical Amnesty International Pride blog. You can read my first post there now Homophobia isn’t just a gay issue (now only available from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine).