This is a compilation of articles I’ve had published on other sites:

The Habtic Standard: We Are the Product (July 2021)

The Habtic Standard: Is Social Media Controlling You? (October 2020)

Ceasefire: Comment | Media reform: the NUJ is calling for a statutory backstop not regulation (11 July 2012)

Ceasefire: Music | Review: Sahara Nights (Roundhouse Studio Theatre) (13 June 2012)

LSE Media Policy Project: Media Reform Now: We Need to Re-Unionise the Industry (25 May 2012)

Union-News: Jewish tailors – the East End’s forgotten sweatshop strikers (22 May 2012)

Union-News: Missiles in London are no match for trade unionists (15 May 2012)

Left Foot Forward: The criminal war on journalism in Mexico (7 May 2012)

Ceasefire: Comment | Rupert Murdoch and his amazing dog-whistle (5 May 2012)

Ceasefire: Comment | In bed with the Enemy’s Enemy: on the hypocrisy of the authoritarian Left (22 November 2011)

The Guardian: Strikers at the BBC won’t crumble (18 July 2011)

The Guardian: The NUJ could have saved the News of the World (8 July 2011)

Open Democracy: Unions, why not harness the power of the media? (25 June 2011)

The Guardian: Royal Mail is ripe for public ownership (11 July 2010)


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